Acorn Squash Smoothie (or is it soup?)

Eating healthy is absolutely critical to functioning well as a mom.  Not only does the proper nutrition enhance our immune systems and prevent disease, it also enhance our well-being and energy levels.

To that end, I am always trying new recipes that combine lots of good foods, especially vegetables.  The other day, my cupboards were bare (at least for me because I have to eat gluten-free – that's right – no wheat:-()  I was making acorn squash as the vegetable for dinner that night.  I decided to experiment with what I had on hand.  So, this is what I threw into the blender:

1 cooked acorn squash (minus the tough skin), a couple of handfuls of spinach and enough organic chicken broth (not the sodium-free kind… we all have to live a little sometimes) to let the blender do its job.  After blending it to a thick soup-like consistency, I poured it in a glass and heated it up for about 30 seconds. 

The result?  A nourishing and surprisingly satisfying dinner that was quick, easy and low-cal.  I know you are going to laugh, but it really tasted great!  In our frigid Wisconsin winters – one degree below zero at last check – a warm drink can really boost the spirits as well.  Happy blending!


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