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Our family has spent ALOT of time with the medieval world this year.  From the Viking explorations to King Alfred to Duke William's victory at Hastings, we have gotten through some terrific literature that has made this time period come to life for the boys. 

They loved the battles and the castles.  I loved the lessons in chivalry and the honor.  Even though our book choices didn't hold back on the cruelty of the age, each one left some type of poignant imprint on our hearts.

This morning I came across a post at Medieval Bookworm announcing "A Tournament of Reading."  You bibliophiles out there will want to check out the recommended reading list.  Sign up and you can post one of your own. 

My history buff side is planning on reading Susan Wise Bauer's "The History of the Medieval World."  (I am going to have to wait until it is released in February, though.)  My homeschooling mom side is planning on doing some special medieval read-alouds with the kids. 

And in the spirit of the tournament, I have created a short list of my own picks for the medieval period.  These range in age appeal, but all are solid medieval choices for your learning plans.  Enjoy!

 Here is a link to Wise-Bauer's upcoming book, which you can pre-order on


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