Daily Planning: Creating Action Lists

Take the dog to the vet.  Plan the church picnic.  Babysit for Susan.  Buy school supplies.  Learn French.  And on and on… If you were to dump your brain onto paper, you could easily have a 10-page, single-spaced, to-do list (scary, but true.)  The reality is that we are tracking bundles of "stuff" for multiple

Life Tracking

How do you keep track of the big and small details of your life? Do you use a traditional to-do list, the post-it method, or maybe it's the "all in my head" philosophy? My four-pronged approach includes my Calendar, Forward Lists, Project List, and Action List.  These four documents sum up my "life tracking" system. 

Your Year in Preview: Starting the School Year Off Right

It's a time of bittersweet good-byes, fresh starts, and new resolutions.  Could it be New Year's Eve?  No, it's mid-August and time to prepare for the start of another school year.  How is yours going to look? Try this on for size… Every morning, you wake up refreshed after a full night's rest.  You walk into your clean

Let’s Hear it for a Sanity Break

Has it been 6 weeks since I have posted? Too long… my baby blog does not like to be left alone, so here I am mulling what has happened.  Does anyone else out there ever find that sometimes backing away from life a bit helps them to prioritize a little better?  That has been the

Service: Small Effort, Meaningful Results

Sometimes, God speaks to me in little whispers.  Sometimes, He is silent.  Right now, though, He is shouting in both ears.  I read an article this morning that briefly mentioned sacrificial living.  Even though that wasn’t the topic of the article, those words stood out big and bold to me.  Sacrifice and service are difficult

How to Live with Life

Two women are walking down the street.  One looks as though she bears the weight of the world on her shoulders.  Her hair is stringy and her expression growly as she walks along in her mismatched sweatsuit with her shoulders slumped.  The two children she is almost dragging with her are fighting between themselves and

Does Multi-Tasking Really Increase Productivity?

It is truly the era of the multi-tasker.  Multi-tasking is a bonified dictionary term now, and there are few moms out there who don't employ it's use (and survive because of it) in one way or another.  But, does multi-tasking really increase our productivity, or does it drain the quality from our most important efforts?

SoulStretch: Centering Your Spirit

Point A – "So much to do, so little time."  True enough. Point B – "The more you do, the more you do."  Also true. So, what is the secret for taking your mindset from Point A to Point B?  In my Walk the Donut post, I touched on the significance of recognizing and focusing

What is your Big Picture

Life's purpose… over the years, we have heard myriad philosophies about it.  Gurus teach everything from multi-tasking to mission statements.  Reading the articles, books and blogs gives us inspiration when we are overwhelmed by what is now affectionately known as the rat race.  Sometimes, though, life is too demanding to find inspiration in the minds

Watch the Donut: How to Focus on Opportunity

Note:  My donut keeps getting bigger, but I am still working on this collection of posts.  I am trying to make them full of information and inspiration, so they are taking a little longer that I first expected.  Thanks for your patience! This morning, I was listening to a Burl Ives (remember him?  His is the

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