Choosing Happiness

This morning, I tucked into my latest book, Choosing Happiness, by lifestyle guru, Alexandra Stoddard.  I always look forward to reading Alexandra's books.  They inspire me and uplift me and give me a renewed sense of peace.  This experience has been no different.  For one thing, her books are as beautiful to look at as

Homeschool Memoirs: Homeschool Agendas

Planning, second only to God and my family:-) I enjoy planning anything almost as much as the activity itself.  So, here is what Professor Mom has been planning for the 2008-2009 school year… For my six-year-old son, I base most of what we do around Sonlight's awesome program.  (The little one – 4K – is

Homeschool Memoirs: All About You (or me:-)

Hi everybody! Did you every notice that we all love to talk about who we are and what we do until someone asks us to do it?  OK, here it goes… My bio: Heather Shanks, aka Professor Mom, is an author and researcher specializing in education and family life issues. Much of her work centers

Your Year in Preview: Starting the School Year Off Right

It's a time of bittersweet good-byes, fresh starts, and new resolutions.  Could it be New Year's Eve?  No, it's mid-August and time to prepare for the start of another school year.  How is yours going to look? Try this on for size… Every morning, you wake up refreshed after a full night's rest.  You walk into your clean

Service: Small Effort, Meaningful Results

Sometimes, God speaks to me in little whispers.  Sometimes, He is silent.  Right now, though, He is shouting in both ears.  I read an article this morning that briefly mentioned sacrificial living.  Even though that wasn’t the topic of the article, those words stood out big and bold to me.  Sacrifice and service are difficult

Are you Jesus?

This morning, bleary-eyed and rushing around to get everyone ready for Sunday School and Church, I took a moment for a morning email check.  This is an excerpt from an email I received from my in-laws.  In all of the craziness of the morning, I have to share it.  Many of you may have already

Heart of the Matter meme

This week, Heart of the Matter‘s meme topic is "Favorite Homeschooling Product".  I have a current homeschooling product that I love, my kids love, even the cat is enamored with:-)  Hands of a Child produces terrific lapbook "unit study"-type packages.  Lapbook Project Packs come in a multitude of subjects… everything from the typical holiday subjects

SoulStretch: Centering Your Spirit

Point A – "So much to do, so little time."  True enough. Point B – "The more you do, the more you do."  Also true. So, what is the secret for taking your mindset from Point A to Point B?  In my Walk the Donut post, I touched on the significance of recognizing and focusing

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