The Habit of Joy

One spiritual habit that has changed my journey is seeking the joy of the Lord.  That sounds a little nebulous, doesn't it?  Maybe a little too common sense?  Let me explain.   I grew up in a traditional, Protestant church – and for the record I still go to a traditional, Protestant church.  I saw theology, but

Letters to Your Kids – Professor Mom’s Free Book Challenge

I have a free book challenge for all you moms out there.  The purpose of this challenge is to inspire you during a time of the year when we can all get a little overwhelmed. First, read this absolutely terrific post at "Our Report Card."  Cry, laugh, go hug your kiddos.  Then, let it inspire you to write your

Using Journaling Software

Time to test out this new journaling software. I am going to try to use it for 45 days to determine if it will serve my needs. One of the biggest things that I am trying to do with this is determine whether this will provide me with any advantage over paper journals (which is

Online Journaling Review – Part 2

Here is Part One… One goal of mine in using journaling software is to journal on a more consistent basis.  One of my best friends is a dedicated "journal-er" and I see daily the insights that she gleans from taking that time to reflect on her experiences and thoughts.  Unfortunately, I have an on-again, off-again

Online Journaling Review – Part 1

I have been using the online journaling software, The Journal, for a few days now.  I am trying to get used to the computer format.  I have always been fond of leather bound journals with off-white writing paper.  Sometimes, I can just think better when I have a pen in my hand.  I have to

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