Online Journaling Review – Part 1

I have been using the online journaling software, The Journal, for a few days now.  I am trying to get used to the computer format.  I have always been fond of leather bound journals with off-white writing paper.  Sometimes, I can just think better when I have a pen in my hand. 

I have to confess, though, I am starting to come around.  The thing I love most about journaling with my computer is the "capture factor".  When I am pouring my thoughts onto paper, those thoughts seem to generate offspring.  The Journal allows me to immediately start another entry in what is called the "Notebook" section.  In the Notebook, I can capture and categorize ideas for later expansion.  It is a terrific feature because I don't lose my current train of thought.  I also don't lose those valuable ideas that spill out while I am freewriting.  In a paper journal, I often forget to go back and do a scan for new ideas. 

Even in the first few days, I have captured a plethora of ideas for articles and for the blog.  Now, when I have a small window of time, I can pop into one of these ideas (they are set up similar to the file folders in MS Word) and spend some time freewriting.  I can outline, attach images, and search within my posts for relevant thoughts.  I'll then often print out the Notebook file and keep it in the kitchen.  While the kids are working on seatwork, I can sit at the table with them and get my "pen and paper" fix while editing my work. 

The Journal looks promising to track writing ideas.  If you want to try a free 45-day trial, visit the site.  I loved the fact that no credit card information is required.  It really allows the product to speak for itself.  One point to note, I am not affiliated with the company and do not receive any type of compensation.  I stumbled on the software online last week and it intrigued me, so I thought I would pass the information on. 

Here is Part Two…


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