How to Live with Life

Two women are walking down the street.  One looks as though she bears the weight of the world on her shoulders.  Her hair is stringy and her expression growly as she walks along in her mismatched sweatsuit with her shoulders slumped.  The two children she is almost dragging with her are fighting between themselves and

What is your Big Picture

Life's purpose… over the years, we have heard myriad philosophies about it.  Gurus teach everything from multi-tasking to mission statements.  Reading the articles, books and blogs gives us inspiration when we are overwhelmed by what is now affectionately known as the rat race.  Sometimes, though, life is too demanding to find inspiration in the minds

Watch the Donut: How to Focus on Opportunity

Note:  My donut keeps getting bigger, but I am still working on this collection of posts.  I am trying to make them full of information and inspiration, so they are taking a little longer that I first expected.  Thanks for your patience! This morning, I was listening to a Burl Ives (remember him?  His is the

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