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A few years ago, I launched Professor Mom as a homeschooling resource site to give parents and students insight and strategies for learning.  In today’s knowledge-based economy, technical knowledge simply isn’t enough.  Strong leadership skills are critical for the next generation.  Professor Mom’s mission is to help students meet the challenges of a changing world head-on, while managing a balanced and meaningful life. 

Who needs some time with Professor?

  • Students who are dedicated to starting the careers off on the right foot… and that means so much more than simply acquiring knowledge.  You are right on the brink of exciting life changes.  You are also carrying the weight of important decisions.  The Professor has tools for acing interviews, nailing your first speaking presentation, and studying smartly.  You’ll find out what you can really expect from the business world, and give you examples of how you can handle the situations that life throws your way.
  • Parents who are committed to giving their children an authentic and comprehensive learning experience.  Dishonest executives, lost celebrities, crooked politicians… these are the figureheads on which many of today’s youth look up to as role models.  I know it can be overwhelming, but we want to offer you hope.  By providing you with articles on work ethic, motivation, and the latest research in personality-based career selection, you can help your son or daughter navigate the confusing path to a fulfilling career.  Also, whether you are looking to supplement your student’s school experience or you are homeschooling a high-schooler, you can look forward to the development of my exclusive BriefCase Studies.  This case-based curriculum will give students insight into the inner workings of the corporate world and encourage them to think flexibly and respond to the unexpected.  

Professor Mom may be focused on home education, but that doesn’t mean that we exclude teachers who are looking for tips on inspiring their students to pursue excellence.  On the contrary, we applaud you for going the extra mile for your classes.  We recognize how important your student’s success is to you.  By breaking down the latest expert advice into bites of information that you can implement in your classrooms, we give you the tools you need to teach students to work collaboratively and effectively.

So, feel free to wander my online halls! 

Each article represents hours of research and analysis.  Each template was designed to guide the student’s thought process logically, to help them get from where they are to where they want to be.  Each BriefCase Study course curriculum (now in development) is written by a curriculum consultant and former university instructor.  Each interview was designed to give you an in-depth view of a leader in the trenches.  Really make the tools your own and let them help you grab on to opportunities as they come your way!

I encourage you to add to the conversation.  You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and through my RSS Feed.  Drop me a note in the comments section.  Or, feel free to send me an email if you have a question.  I am so thankful to be here as a resource for the next generation and their parents.


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