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The Professor is in…

… and she is on a quest to prepare today’s youth for a lifetime of leadership. Welcome! A few years ago, I launched Professor Mom as a homeschooling resource site to give parents and students insight and strategies for learning.  In today’s knowledge-based economy, technical knowledge simply isn’t enough.  Strong leadership skills are critical for

Let’s Hear it for a Sanity Break

Has it been 6 weeks since I have posted? Too long… my baby blog does not like to be left alone, so here I am mulling what has happened.  Does anyone else out there ever find that sometimes backing away from life a bit helps them to prioritize a little better?  That has been the

Service: Small Effort, Meaningful Results

Sometimes, God speaks to me in little whispers.  Sometimes, He is silent.  Right now, though, He is shouting in both ears.  I read an article this morning that briefly mentioned sacrificial living.  Even though that wasn’t the topic of the article, those words stood out big and bold to me.  Sacrifice and service are difficult

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