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Heart of the Matter meme

This week, Heart of the Matter‘s meme topic is "Favorite Homeschooling Product".  I have a current homeschooling product that I love, my kids love, even the cat is enamored with:-)  Hands of a Child produces terrific lapbook "unit study"-type packages.  Lapbook Project Packs come in a multitude of subjects… everything from the typical holiday subjects

Using Journaling Software

Time to test out this new journaling software. I am going to try to use it for 45 days to determine if it will serve my needs. One of the biggest things that I am trying to do with this is determine whether this will provide me with any advantage over paper journals (which is

The Bookstore, Etc.

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Online Journaling Review – Part 2

Here is Part One… One goal of mine in using journaling software is to journal on a more consistent basis.  One of my best friends is a dedicated "journal-er" and I see daily the insights that she gleans from taking that time to reflect on her experiences and thoughts.  Unfortunately, I have an on-again, off-again

Does Multi-Tasking Really Increase Productivity?

It is truly the era of the multi-tasker.  Multi-tasking is a bonified dictionary term now, and there are few moms out there who don't employ it's use (and survive because of it) in one way or another.  But, does multi-tasking really increase our productivity, or does it drain the quality from our most important efforts?

SoulStretch: Centering Your Spirit

Point A – "So much to do, so little time."  True enough. Point B – "The more you do, the more you do."  Also true. So, what is the secret for taking your mindset from Point A to Point B?  In my Walk the Donut post, I touched on the significance of recognizing and focusing

Online Journaling Review – Part 1

I have been using the online journaling software, The Journal, for a few days now.  I am trying to get used to the computer format.  I have always been fond of leather bound journals with off-white writing paper.  Sometimes, I can just think better when I have a pen in my hand.  I have to

What is your Big Picture

Life's purpose… over the years, we have heard myriad philosophies about it.  Gurus teach everything from multi-tasking to mission statements.  Reading the articles, books and blogs gives us inspiration when we are overwhelmed by what is now affectionately known as the rat race.  Sometimes, though, life is too demanding to find inspiration in the minds

Watch the Donut: How to Focus on Opportunity

Note:  My donut keeps getting bigger, but I am still working on this collection of posts.  I am trying to make them full of information and inspiration, so they are taking a little longer that I first expected.  Thanks for your patience! This morning, I was listening to a Burl Ives (remember him?  His is the

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